On this page you can find all events of our competence network - compact, updated daily and with a clear overview. Furthermore, you can find helpful hints about other events in the field of reasearch data management here.

In Addition, we offer on request tranings, workshops, train-the-trainer-workshops and information events for various target groups (students, doctoral candidates, project managers, reasearch referents etc.) in all of Thuringia. Please contact us if you are interested!

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Feb 24 2021 14:00

Datendokumentation: Die Basis hoher Datenqualität!

The second Coffee Lecture of the series with the topic data documentation!

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Jan 27 2021 14:00

5S Data: Organization is not a 4-letter word!

The first Coffee Lecture of the series with the topic 5S Data!

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Dec 9 2020 10:00

Einstieg ins Forschungsdatenmanagement – ein Workshop für Angehörige der Thüringer Fachhochschulen

An interactive workshop for all researchers and interested parties at Thuringian universities of applied sciences.

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Jul 2 2020 12:30

FAIR Research Software and Beyond : How to make the most of your code

Workshop on the topic of FAIR reserach software (and beyond!)

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Jul 1 2020 18:00

Data Management Plans: FAIRify your Data!

Workshop on FAIR and data management plans in Weimar!

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Jun 30 2020 09:30

On the Way to FAIR Data: Tales from the Road

Workshop on FAIR principles and their implementation in the scientific everyday work

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Jun 29 2020 13:00

FAIR Together

More than just a FAIRytale is the motto of the FDM Tage 2020, and we start our series of events with the FAIR Togehter

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Jun 29 2020 09:00

Thüringer FDM-Tage 2020

The Thüringer FDM-Tage 2020 take place 29 June to 2 July 2020.

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May 18 2020 10:00

Towel Day Pre-Registration Challenge

May 25th is Towel Day – and the Thuringian Competence Network Research Data Management is running the Towel Day Pre-Registration Challenge!

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Apr 2 2020 09:00

GO UNI Kick-off-Meeting

The Kick-off-Meeting of GO UNI takes place in Erfurt on April 2, 2020.

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Location: University Erfurt