On this page you can find all events of our competence network - compact, updated daily and with a clear overview. Furthermore, you can find helpful hints about other events in the field of reasearch data management here.

In Addition, we offer on request tranings, workshops, train-the-trainer-workshops and information events for various target groups (students, doctoral candidates, project managers, reasearch referents etc.) in all of Thuringia. Please contact us if you are interested!

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Jun 20 2023 10:00 am

The RDM Days 2023

Opening Event of the RDM Days!

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Apr 26 2023 02:00 pm

Coffee Lecture: Forschungsdatenmanagement mit LinkAhead

A coffee lecture introducing LinkAhead!

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Feb 22 2023 02:00 pm

Coffee Lecture: Forschungsdaten publizieren, lizenzieren und nachnutzen

A coffee lecture about handling research data after the end of the project!

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Feb 14 2023 10:00 am

Workshop: FAIRify Your Data

A workshop titled "Fairify Your Data"

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Jan 25 2023 02:00 pm

Coffee Lecture: Forschungsdatenbeschreibung - Das Anlegen von Codebooks und Readme-Dateien

Eine Coffee Lecture über das Dokumentieren von Daten mit Codebooks und Readme!

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Nov 30 2022 02:00 pm

Coffee Lecture: Datenverarbeitungsprozesse planen und dokumentieren

A coffee lecture about the analysis and processing of data!

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Nov 2 2022 02:00 pm

Coffee Lecture: Digitale Daten - Der richtige Typ zu ihrem Format!

A Coffee Lecture on Data Types and Formats!

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Sep 28 2022 02:00 pm

Coffee Lecture: Planung einer effizienten, ethischen und rechtskonformen Datenerhebung

A coffee lecture on proper data collection in the social sciences!

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Aug 3 2022 02:00 pm

Coffee Lecture NFDI4biodiversity

A coffee lecture about NFDI4Biodiversity!

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