5S Data - Shine

Goal and motivation

In the third step "shine", the order once created should be maintained. Typical deviations from the target state can be identified through regular checks over time. Non-functional structures, on the other hand, catch the eye more quickly and can be adjusted.



It should be checked at set intervals that the defined order and organization from the first two 5S steps are maintained. Thus, at the end of a working day or after reaching a previously defined milestone, the newly added files can be checked for completeness, correct naming as well as correct classification in the structure. Redundant and/or obsolete files are deleted after it has been verified that a more up-to-date file exists and that the present file should not be retained as an interim result. At the same time, this verification ensures that the current files actually contain the respective current work results and that new copies of older files are not accidentally considered by the system to be the most current versions.

The documentation of the project must be supplemented if new work steps or programs have been introduced or variables or measurement settings have been changed within experiments. If work steps within the project do not proceed digitally but are documented on paper (e.g., field observations, invoice receipt, etc.), it makes sense to digitize the documentation for storage in the existing folder structure to keep the workstation paper-free and the documentation completely digital. If this is impractical, at least the filing location and brief content description of the documents should be included in the appropriate location as a reference to simplify the search for the physical materials.

To ensure that the daily polishing of one's working environment fully fulfills its purpose, it is helpful to document the deviations of the actual from the target state concisely. If, for example, certain errors occur more frequently in folder naming and assignment, or if structures become too large and thus unclear, then you should consider adjusting the structure or changing your working environment to make it easier to adhere to the structure.


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