53 - Technical Revolution

Unsichtbares Akkordeon

Russian war revolutionaries receive militant assistance from the future.


During a history exam on the Russian Revolution of 1917, the painting "Storming the Winter Palace on October 25, 1917" by Nikolai Kochergin was supposed to be shown as a visual aid for interpretation. However, the examiners probably relied somewhat inattentively on Google Image Search and did not integrate the original image, but an edited image of the revolution that had been ranked highly by hits. In this alteration of the image, the revolutionaries were assisted by a large battle robot in storming the palace.

This probably rather irritating or even amusing faulty image selection, probably did not prevent the students from passing their history exam, but it demonstrates clearly the importance of ensuring the provenance of the source to ensure authenticity when working with third-party data. In the case of image sources in particular, it is also important to pay attention to licensing regulations, otherwise things could get expensive as well as embarrassing.