03 - Lost Toys

Unsichtbares Akkordeon

Only because an innocent child was born Woody and cowgirl Jessi were able to make their relationship public.



Pixar came very close to losing a very large portion of Toy Story 2, because someone did an "rm *" (non geek: "remove all" command). And that's when they realized that their backups hadn't been working for a month. Fortunately, the technical director of the film realized that, because she wanted to see her family and kids (including a new baby), she had been making copies of the entire film and transferring it to her home computer. After a careful trip from the Pixar offices to her home and back, it was discovered that, indeed, most of the film could be saved.

The example shows that even with state of the art backups, data loss can occur when multiple unfortunate coincidences coincide. In general, it is very important to store files in more than one place. A good basis for securely storing data is provided by the 3-2-1 rule. It states that data should be backed up to at least 2 different storage media in three different locations, one of which should be decentralised. In addition, to ensure sufficient reliability of backups, the effectiveness of the backup should be tested regularly. In practice, this is done by retrieving central files from the backup at random times and comparing them with the originals.