45 - Finding a good match

Unsichtbares Akkordeon

She excelled and slipped right through the grid.


An expert in artificial intelligence (AI) applied for a position in this field. Because the required internships did not appear in her CV and the AI did not accept the existing work experience abroad instead, she was not invited for an interview. She asked the company why they had decided not to invite her. This demonstrated both her commitment and her understanding of how artificial intelligence works. Her suggestion that her CV did not conform to the "successful" CV pattern in the company was not far from the truth. She had not been singled out because she had an unusual and feminine first name, as she first suspected. The issue was an 'objective' criterion, the requirement for traineeships. The software simply did not recognize equivalent or higher-quality alternatives.


Since artificial intelligence makes pattern-based decisions, two points are essential for successful use: a suitable training data set must be available and the statements must be checked with test data in