43 - A cat's a cat, and that's that.

Unsichtbares Akkordeon

If they had had a dog, the home office might have been a safer place.


Due to Corona, a scientist had to work in the home office. This was unproblematic, as he was able to organize and process all work steps and documents from home. Nevertheless, he hadn't expected one thing that would cause him problems for the next few days.

At home he kept several cats and they had previously shown little interest in all the cables that were part of the technical equipment of the home office. But this was to change one night. When the scientist got up one morning, the power cable of the work laptop was suddenly gnawed through. Luckily, he still had a spare laptop, and since the work data was continuously backed up via the university cloud service, he was able to quickly set up his virtual workstation again and keep all his appointments.


This story shows that (true to Murphy's adage that "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong") you should be prepared for any problems. Even if the research data on your laptop seems safe, there should always be a backup to make the data recoverable in case of a problem. In addition to replacement hardware, cloud solutions that can quickly synchronize files on different devices are particularly recommended.

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