The Research Data Management Initiative of Thuringian Universities of Applied Sciences

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In the joint project FDM-HAW Competence Cluster Jena-Erfurt-Nordhausen-Schmalkalden (FDM-HAWK) the Thuringian Universities of Applied Sciences are setting up technical, organizational and professional RDM structures in cooperation with the Thuringian Research Data Management Competence Network (TKFDM). Through pilot projects demands are analyzed, concepts developed and evaluated to take into account the specific requirements of our partnering universities.

Registered under the funding reference numbers 16FDFD107A-D, this initiative is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and financed by NextGenerationEU from September 2022 to August 2025. In addition to the project partners Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena – University of Applied Sciences (Coordination), University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, Hochschule Nordhausen – University of Applied Sciences, and Hochschule Schmalkalden – University of Applied Sciences, the Cooperative State University Gera-Eisenach is also on board as an associated partner.

Tasks and Goals

  1. The demands for RDM counselling of all Universities of Applied Sciences shall be met in a joint and structured effort.
  2. Good RDM practices for the scientific fields of engineering, natural and social sciences shall be evaluated an recommended for further use.
  3. Assisted by the IT-Center of the Thuringian Universities (HS-ITZ) and the TKFDM we want to establish basic RDM services and structures across all partnering universities.
  4. In the end, researchers and research projects shall rely on tried and tested services and procedures.

organizational structure ans tasks of the RDM initative FDM-HAWK

Results and Publications


We publish our work and project results in the FDM-HAWK Zenodo Community.

Pilot Projects at our universities

Engineering (Nordhausen, Schmalkalden)

An RDM strategy shall emerge out of the following engineering pilot projects. The modular engineering sciences RDM concept to be developed is oriented towards the FAIR principles and is meant to be adaptable to individual demands at our universities.

Natural Sciences (Erfurt)

Within the framework of the natural sciences pilot a data management concept and a laboratory information and management system (LIMS) will be set up. The focus in this project is on securing raw and derived data, as well as on adoption and automatic generation of meta data. A cloud system will be used to make the data available to funding bodies and for academic purposes. Likewise, regular consultation for researchers will be established.

Social Sciences (Jena)

We primarily focus on matters of data protection and data anonymization within the social sciences pilot projects. Measures of data security which can be transferred to other sensitive data, e. g. from cooperation with commercial research partners are of particular interest. Ultimately, a guideline for all Thuringian Universities will be developed.

  • Multi‐Generation Smart Community (mGeSCo) – Co-working and social participation through multigenerational networking in a smart neighborhood
  • EvaTeamTeach – Evaluating social pedagocial team teaching at Thuringian schools: A study investigating effect and success factors



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