Coffee Lecture: Tools for encrypting files and folders

Wed Jan 24 2024 02:00 pm

A large part of the data we use on a daily basis, is not meant to be shared unconditionally.

Encrypting files and folders is a simple way to restrict access to data - whether it is passwords or sensitive business information. In an educational or university context this might be project accounting records to be stored in the cloud, on a USB stick or an external hard drive, or the need to adequately protect personal data collected in one's own research from unauthorized access.

There are tools making encryption suitable for everyday use and much easier than is often assumed which we will introduce in this talk.

Speaker: Stefan Kirsch (EAH Jena)

Place: webinar via Zoom

Time: 2:00 bis 2:30 pm

Language: German

Access: Registration (free of charge)

Download: Link (Zenodo, slides)

Record: Link (Youtube)

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