Winners of the Fairest Datasets Award 2023

After evaluating the submitted entries to the FAIRest Dataset competition, we are pleased to announce that due to the high quality of the datasets submitted, we have again two 1st winners with a prize money of 2,000 euros

The winners are:

Eulzer, Pepe;  Lawonn, Kai (2023) A Dataset of Reconstructed Carotid Bifurcation Lumen and Plaque Models with Centerline Tree

Tschirschwitz, David;  Klemstein, Franziska;  Stein, Benno;  Rodehorst, Volker (2022) TexBiG Dataset for Analysing Complex Document Layouts in the Digital Humanities

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all entrants once again and have prepared a small gift as a thank you for participating in the competition.

The award ceremony took place during the opening event of the Thuringian RDM Days on 20.06.2023.


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