ScaryTales on Zenodo and update of the website!

First of all: Thanks to everyone who followed our new ScaryTales release last week and took part in our Twitter competition! We have already contacted the winners and the new stories have also been added to our Zenodo repository as simple text files as well complete PDFs so that they can be easily be reused!

Anyone who has visited our website last week may have noticed how design and content have changed. We have combined our previous "Our Network" and "Contact" pages into an "About Us" page and have also created a new content page named "Activities". On this page, you can now find current projects and activitie the network is involved in. Over the next few weeks and months, new activities will be added and existing ones will be contiinuallyupdated. Right now you can find information on the NFDI, ReproHack, ScaryTales, 5S Data and networking activities. Furthermore, various graphic elements on the website have been updated, such as the news preview, events and materials, as well as a new theme stage on the home page to keep you up to date on current activities. Another new function is the search bar located on the top left of the website, which you can use in order to find specific content by keywords.


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