Data Horror Week 2022


"You must understand!

   Of one make ten,

   And let two go,

   And three make even,....

In Thuringia, nothing works without Goethe – neither the witches multiplication table nor  research data management. Now we don't want to stage Faust, instead we illustrate for the third time flops, bad luck and mishaps in research data management, so that we all hopefully avert the devil halfway.

In the good tradition of recent years, the Thuringian Competence Network Research Data Management has prepared new Research Data Scary Tales for Data Horror Week in the days leading up to Halloween. Teasers and illustrations hopefully make the drastic consequences of careless handling of research data obvious. The solutions to the stories will then follow the next day, together with the current story.

And here are the new tales:


From 24 October, you can take part in our Twitter Challenge on @FDMThueringen (pay attention to the hashtags #DataHorrorWeek and #ScaryTalesGame). Yes and no questions (to us on Twitter) are also allowed to get to the solution ;).

What do you have to do? Post your guess for the solution of the story under each day´s the tweet.

It's worth it:

Among other things, we are giving away the popular Research Data ScaryTales card game!

To ensure that nothing stands in the way of supra-regional use, we have created an English version of the game this year.




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