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The Network of Excellence for Research Data Management offers a variety of downloadable information. This includes handouts, posters, advertising material and check lists regarding the management of research data.

Best practice

Fact sheets

Research Data Scarytales

With our Research Data Scarytales, we want to take you on an eerie journey and show you in short stories what scary consequences mistakes in data management can have. We are showcasing a wide range of scenarios, ranging from minor inconveniences to a single person to permanent consequences for humankind, all based on real events.

Each reader has the opportunity to find out for themselves what went wrong in each story. Each scenario begins with a brief summary of the facts. Then it's time to figure it out!In times of social distancing, the game can also serve as a community activity. For example, chats or forums can be used to puzzle over the stories with others. One way to do this is to designate a person as the game master to read the resolution, while the other players try to solve the mystery with yes/no questions.

We wish you spooky story-time and happy sleuthing!


Flyers, Posters & Advertising Materials


Flyers regarding selected topics of research data management (german)

The provided material is based on the "Awarenessmaterial der Landesinitiative NFDI" and is freely available (CC-0) (Source).